Polish Spitfire

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Jan 29, 2005
Monroe, New York USA
This is Polish Spitfire , from Polish 303 Squadron


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Three Spitfire Mk. I fighters of No. 54 Squadron on their way back to Hornchurch in September of 1940. During the Battle of Britain, five Polish pilots fought within this RAF unit.


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It wasn't an insult. It was just SO bloody obvious. :lol: So, any of your family fight in the war tino?
...........bloody obvious. (??????)
sombody has to be Polish to publish a picture of Polish Spitfire?????
Hey buddy!..... these boys fought for your country sometimes paying the biggest price (life) and you're supposed to be the person who publishes those pictures and writes about them so they are not forgotten.
I was just checking the pages of this website and I couldn't find anything
about Poles, fighting in Britain. Seeing that, it is hard to believe that Polish pilots (30,000) were the second nation part of RAF during the WWII.


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No need to take offence tino m8, I particularly admire the Polish pilots that took part even after Poland fell.

Those are some great shots! If you have links to any sites about the Polish RAF squadrons, please post them. I'd like to get myself up to date

Just wondering, have you ever read 'Poland' by James Michener? Brilliant book, I learned more about the history of Poland by reading that book then a year of classes would have taught me. I suggest it to all of you

P.S, I've just discovered that Michener altered large chunks of history to make it a better read, but it's still an amazing book, and my suggestion to read it doesn't change 8)
Touchy, touchy...and you haven't just posted pictures..that's why it's BLOODY OBVIOUS, yes.

30,000 pilots? I've never heard that, 30,000 Polish people fighting maybe...30,000 PILOTS...? The RAF didn't even have that many planes. :lol:
After WWII there was almost 30,000 Polish soldiers in Britain. Ofcourse only percentage of them were pilots.


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:lol: I was only kiddin' - it was obviously a mistake. I just wanted to mock because he had a go at me.

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