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    I have a question for JoeB.

    Joe, I have a good friend who owns a Mooney M20J. Nice plane with fresh paint and interior. He has started asking me about maybe polishing his prop so it gleams with a mirror finish. I said I’d think it over and get back with him.

    This is a certified Mooney with a stock prop. In my mind, a certified airplane has a specified engine and propeller combination. The prop has a part number which isn’t important. The stock prop is painted and I believe all McCauley props come painted. The paint is ostensibly there for corrosion protection, but polishing a prop, waxing it, and keeping it shiny would seem to make corrosion something that you would notice and handle right away. I know my friend would ... he keeps it spotless.

    My question is whether or not polishing a painted prop on a certified aircraft will render the prop unairworthy due to not being in stock condition. Have you ever addressed or heard of this in the past?

    Regards, - Greg

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