RAAF F-111s sink North Korean Ship

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Senior Airman
Oct 25, 2005

I couldn't get this working properly in Opera and had to use IE in case anyone has any trouble viewing it, not much footage really, mostly ads and talking heads, but probably worth a quick look if you're bored and want to see what some bombs (I'm guessing some LGBs, no idea what size, could be harpoons as well I suppose, but it's hard to tell) do to a cargo ship ;)
Hmm, I clicked on the link and I got a story about how some Mafia chief was caught as years on the run.

I guess I'd better do some searching on their website for the story... I'd really like to see those harpoons in action!
it was a on a news site so it's probably long since gone, I think someone found another link in one of the other forum categories

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