RAF Heavies of WW2

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Good point - footage is all too rare of what wasn't an inelegant aircraft. Funny how it took them so long to fit another pair of engines. These days the thinking seems to be to subtract engines. Take for example, the B52 which has been under consideration for 4 turbofans rather than its usual 8 turbojets.
it didn't take them long to "fit annother pair of engines" at all, and besides they did have to comletly re-design all the pluming in the wings and throughout the aircraft, could you have done it quicker??
These days it would take them months to transform such an aircraft.
Mind they did a pretty good job turning a bomber into a fighter with the modern day lan, the Tornado. Took em a while longer tho. But like the Manc to Lanc they improved the look of the plane too!
I like the way the Lanc wing has a crank in it. Dihedral I think they call it.

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