raf stearmans in canada

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
looking for photos of RAF stearmans in Canada they were only here for about 6Mo but were sent back to US because they were found to be to uncomfortable for winter training
Are you talking about the Stearman Kaydet? I have nothing on RAF Stearmans, but I know the RCAF ordered 300 of them for training. They weren't modified for winter training as the RCAF had requested though, and were returned over a six month period after having been used for some time.

The only pics I've found so far are the two on the site below. Will keep looking, although I'm sure you can Google as well as I can. ;)

http://www.rcaf.com/aircraft/trainers/kaydet/index.php?name=Stearman Kaydet
I 've tried google no luck I'm trying to track them down for my dad the raf used them out in alberta . winter there is a little intense and he was telling me they couldn't winterize them as it interfered with the controls and he just wants a picture of them ...they were at efts dewinton then shipped back to US
I'll try again as it's for my Father who who at 86 wants to see a pic or something . He was on the conversion crew that tried unsucessfully to winterize them at 31 EFTS Dewinton Alberta if anyone could point me me ar share a pic it would make his day. They were returned to the US as they were not usable in Canada
Thanks I've checked out those sites but it never dawned on me:oops: to try Nanton. Always thought I was bright but I guess my mother was wrong
No biggy. Im guessing the museum will have more pictures, the link for the airfield was created by them. Its the best lead I can give you.

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