Rare P-38 pic ...

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Airman 1st Class

. . . OK, OK :rolleyes: - the one person I fooled for .005 seconds might want to see this (just finished this one this week):

Twin-tailed Dragons
Oil on linen laid down on panel
24 x 32


fantastic work, it's the green on the engines that makes that picture!

Thanks - I kept the background simple (and light) to focus in on the dark paint job. The next one (VF-17 Corsairs) will be dark and moody, an early morning patrol ... hmm, there's a good title in there somewhere! :lol:

Really nice painting. Ready to hang on a wall beside Stan Stokes and Robert Taylor.

I also like it's well defined proportions and the angle of the plane, one of the things that nags me the most when I'm trying to draw something.

I don't think I have ever seen a P-38 with two mouths before. It can look like a two headed flying Hydra.

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