Remembering a Fallen Hero

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    I found this letter and I had to post it, Hunter368:

    Remembering A Fallen Hero

    I am a U.S. soldier serving in Northern Afghanistan. SFC Jared Monti and I soldiered together these last few months here in these mountains. SFC Monti fell in battle this last June repelling an enemy attack upon his position while simultaneously attempting to retrieve a wounded fellow soldier to a covered position.

    The last time we spoke, we talked about things soldiers talk about. Sitting on the edge of our cots, elbows on our knees and heads hung while we spoke. We knew. We knew what we were. What we are. What we were doing here in Afghanistan. You were proud of your boys and I was proud with you Jared. Getting up, you grabbed your kit and headed out to lead another patrol. "Take care of yourself, monti", I said. Not knowing that I would never see you again. You never do. I can see you still, grin and all. "See you on the high ground, sir".

    Monti, I say to you now what I could not then. That I hold you in awe, in awe of your nobility, your courage and your unfailing compassion for your men and these people of Afghanistan

    It is men such as Jared Monti that we are who we are. Who we could be. Sergeant Monti was a American Soldier, he was a leader of men and he was my brother.

    He was that which makes us salute when we see our nations flag,.. and cry when we remember.

    It is men such as this that shrouds us with our freedom at home and provides us our armor in battle.

    It is men such as this that we pause and sigh in the half light of our lives and wish it were otherwise.

    It is men such as Sergeant First Class Jared Monti that makes me proud to be an American Soldier.

    It has been my greatest privilege and my honor to serve alongside you Monti.

    "I'll see you on the high ground."

    Captain Joe Hansen
    TF Spartan
    U.S. Army

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