restore 500 lb bomb from WW2

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Hello all
At Militärmuseum Sonntagberg I restore a 500 lb Bomb from ww2.
Later a 250lb and a 1000 lb
I am locking for Decals an fins.


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I read that some found bombs are defused by steam heating and melting out the TNT through a small hole so if true then the steel hull is intact. Is this the origin of the bombs being restored?
the two detonators were then made by the explosive ordnance disposal service and the TNT removed, I don't know how. The shell is intact and I have painted olive drab as well as the yellow marking
the color should be black, but where can I get the stenils from. And the fins
You can find generic US military style stencils online or can have them custom ordered from places like this:

As far as the fins go, you may be able to find some at a military surplus dealer.

The fins are sheet metal components attached to a threaded cap and they were made in the thousands, so the assembly shouldn't be all that difficult to find.
There used to be a huge surplus dealer in Souther California called Long Beach Surplus. They used bomb fin assemblies as bases for their merchandise tables!

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