Russian Spitfires

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Mar 22, 2005

I'm trying to build a plastic model of a Spitfire LF IX flied by russians but it's really difficult to find a picture....

Can somebody help me???

thank you a lot from spain....

This is the only picture I could find of a Russian Spitfire, the website I got the picture from mentions both the VB the IX, as my powers of Aircraft recognition are not great I am not sure which Mk it is.

:) :) :) :)
Thank you about the pic....

Its a VB because the wing... the IX is like...


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Here's a clipped wing Russian Spit... unfortunately I'm sadly lacking in material on this subject.


Click for larger image
Image source: unknown web

FYI, the model pictured above was built by a fella named Ilya Grinberg, with the base being done by yours truly...

Fade to Black...
Hi Steve,

The model of Ilya Grinberg's Spitfire LF.IXE is absolutly beautiful!

I'm trying to find out some information as to the camo colors that where used on these aircraft for an 88" wing span Remote Controlled Spitfire that I'm currently building. Could you please forward my message to Ilya and ask him to contact me by e-mail at [email protected].

Thanks, Bob C
Hi Wurger,

Thanks for the links, it appears that the standard British Camo was used and the only modification to that was the white tail and spinner and the red stars.

Thanks again, Bob C
Hi !!!
It's true that Russians used Spits in standard RAF camouflage.I think that it is connected with their needs for planes during war. They had no time to repaint all aircrafts from both English and American supplies.However, there are photos that show repainted planes with Russian camo.


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Hi Wurger,

I've read accounts about this happening when the and if the aircraft made it back for it's regular maintenacne interval.

I'm currently looking for a very clear high resolution image of the Guard Emblem that is shown on the turtledeck of the #76 model that is pictured above, does anybody have a image of the Guard Emblem that they could scan and e-mail to me or post it to the list?

Thanks again, Bob C
Hi Wurger,

That emblem is very close, but if you look at the #78 aircraft shown above there is a difference with both the shape and the position of the flag. If anybody can has an image file that they could share with me which is oval in shape and the falg canted to the left it would be greatly appreaciated.

Thanks again, Bob C
You should also look at the Wings Palette site. There is the link:
Could I ask you if you have the black white photo of #78?
I've looked for ,but without success.From my point of view, we can decide which of shapes is correct only in this way.
Hi Wurger,

No, I have not seen the original Black White photo of the white 78. After I read through the text last night on Ilya's construction article, he mentioned the original photo of the white 78 shows it with the standard full length elliptical wings (not the clipped wings). I really would like to see the photo he was talking about for myself. I just purchased the 1/48 scale Baltic Fleet Aviation kit. The kit has a white 78 Spitfire Mk. LF IXE with clipped wings in the kit, so if anybody has access to the original Black White photos of the white 78, please post them.

In one of the articles I read on the VVS Spitfires, it stated many of the aircraft delivered were comprised of salvaged parts so they could fill the order quickly. So, it is possible the original white 78 had the full length wings, Sure would like to see that photo.

I checked the color profiles and the decals that were included in my kit and all of the Guard Emblems look like the one you posted earlier, only the color profile of the white 78 shows the emblem oval with the flag shifted to the left? I am also starting to think that there my be something a little questionable about of the emblem shown on the white 78 color profile.

Thanks again, Bob C
Hello Wurger,

I was able to get a copy of the only known photo of the White 78. At that angle it is hard to verify if the wings are clipped or not? The complete photo is shown the book Red Stars.

The aircraft is recorded as being a Spitfire LF.IXE, can anybody tell me if all Spitfire LF.IXE models had clipped wings or not?

Does anybody have a copy of the Gvardia Badge in a book that they could post or e-mail to me as a high resolution JPG? I've only found it listed on the web as a bright gold pin...urrrr. I need it to make a big 4" high decal.

Thanks, Bob C
Hi Bob C!!!
Sorry for my no quick answer.Unfortunately,I've be forced to leave for a day.I've just read your posts and seen the photo.According the Polish publication TBU no.119 and 119bis about Spitfire Mk.IX-XVI,from middle of 1944 to the April 1945 The Russian VVS was supported by UK. with 1188 Spitfires Mk. LFIX and two HF IX.There is also a picture of the Spitfire JH-N no.MJ934 from the 317th Polish squadron.Its wing isn't clipped and seems to be the "E"version.The another one ZF-R no.MK984 is also equipted with no clipped wing like JH-N.Both are descripted as LF.IX.However,their fins and rudders have an earlier shape.Certainly,the Russian Spits could be mounted with the later ones.There is a possibility that The VVS were supplied by UK. with Spits equipted with a standard "E" wing and a later fin+rudder.As far as the Guard Badge is cocncerned, at all of pictures,I've ever seen,the emblem was always circle in shape but not an oval.For that reason I think that the colour profile isn't accurate.Besides,looking at the Ilya Grinberg's model photo it's possible.
Hi Wurger,

Thanks for the reply, there dosen't seem to be any absolute answer to the wing tip question. I've been finding the Mk IX's had a mix of wing types. Both the "C" and "E" wings where used and both clipped and unclipped wings seem to have also been used. That makes it really hard to nail it down when there are so few original photo avaiable. What I've also been finding the LF.IX's have the small rounded rudder and the LF.IXE's seem to all have the enlarged elongated rudder.
As for the Gvardia Badge, after doing coutless hours of research I'm convienced that the color profile is incorrect! There never was an Oval shaped Gvardia Badge. Thanks again, Bob C
Hi Wurger,

I agree completely! After I receive my copy of Red Stars 4 (I ordered yesterday), hopefully I'll be able to add some additional information.

I'll keep you posted on any new findings.

Thanks again, Bob C
Hi again !!
Thank you a lot.I'll do the same.


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