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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
guys thought I would get comment on this crafty almsot stealth little boats that were a thorn in the flesh of the Allies........

From the 8th S-Boot Flottille

There was a massive stand-off between the British and German fast attack boats. The British ones actually won that, they used fast attack boats against German shipping in the North Sea.

Quite remarkable though, that such small vessels were a vital part of the battle in the sea. There they were gunning each other with HMG, while the big hitters were blasting away in the same style with 380mm cannon!
am not sure about the British winning the war with their mtb's. The British encouraged going after these 'FAST' boats hoping for one to be captured so it could be fully examined and develop tactics to thwart the boot but it did not happen.

S-boots attacked the mainland of England even during the final week of the ETO.

The British MBT and MBG were in charge of the channel and North Sea though. The German forces couldn't hope to keep up, they were attacking but it's the sea...you can't cover every inch. Naval warfare is about control, the German supply shipping was constantly getting hit while the Allied shipping was largely unhampered by the German fast attack boats.
the most effective means that the S-boots had in the channel during 45 was the adaptation of mining entry/exit ports. dump them at night and speed away. you are quite correct the RAF coastal command was covering the skies well and any troopship and especially fuel/cargo craft were ripped up quickly.
Yeah, as everything else in the Wehrmacht died, I think the Kriegsmarine felt it worst. With the Kriegsmarine crews being drafted into Heer service and such.
i don't like them for what they are really, the only thing i like about them is that they're small, cheap boats with the ability to sink huge capital ships :lol:
friend don't understand your point, I don't like them for what they are really ? Sorry this old Opa doesn't fully understand, but this is normal with sometimers disease.... 8)
well, if i were to just look at one without knowing what it was, i wouldn't like it, if i knew more about how she worked, i wouldn't like it, it is only because of the fact that such a small boat could sink a capital ship, that i like them.............
What is the difference between S- and E type boats?I have heard about the E types but not the S type,speed,size,armour,etc..
Lanc you really think the boot is ugly then ?? I find it one of the handsomest ships afloat, even now............sleek, fast, stealth and very deadly. It was made for precisely it's function and that was : Hit and run

am I understanding you now correctly ? your comment about how it worked still confuses me....
here is one of my favourite Wappenshields like presented on the uppermost boot. From the 8th S-Boot Flottille


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erich i'm trying to say the only thing i like about the boats, is the fact they could destry capital ships, and possibly the way the torps. are flung out the tubes, that's the only things i like about them........
zerum said:
What is the difference between S- and E type boats?I have heard about the E types but not the S type,speed,size,armour,etc..

E-Boots is just what the Allies called the German S-Boots. S-Boots standing for Schnell Boots. That is the only difference.

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