Sally-B crisis

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That's horrible, but you know Med, because of all the crazy fees and charges in Europe, that why you have a vast number of aspiring pilots getting their training in the states, but I'm afraid we're not far down thr road from this sought of thing :crybaby:
Perhaps they'll still be able to visit the really huge airshows like Duxford and Fairford where there's blanket insurance for the event, or RAF or USAF cover.

For the smaller shows, I think it's not going to be possible - problem is though, I'll bet they got a good bit of revenue from appearance fees at the little shows, as it was always going to be a crowd pleaser.
If you saw my photos of the airshow I just went to a B-17 was there (Semental Journey). You would think that the tarts who write these things would consider aircraft like these! :scratch:
Good GOD! It couldn't have come at a worse time either. Unfortunately, every year, the insurance costs rise for us in the CAF as well. It will only take 1 or 2 more incidences to make it expensive enough that we will all be grounded, which would be a damn shame. The appearance fees raised for air shows helps to offset all of the operating costs and it will be an incredibly sad day when that happens. In the CAF, we know that we are living on borrowed time.
It's just souless philistines who can only look at things on a sheet of paper or behind a computer screen. Regettably, they have a nasty habit of winning the arguement by simply saying;

"That's how it's going to be, get used to it."

What I'm worried is, if they run out of money, that someone from the States will simply buy the Sally-B and take it away.

This will be sad, because this is where they were based, and to stand behind one starting up on a summer's day in England is as close to experiencing those days as you can.
It wouldn't be right for Sally B to come back to the states. You are right, there needs to be at least one over there. I know that it was a real crowd pleaser from my days of visiting air shows there. It is indeed a real treat to be near one when the engines start and to hear the roar of those big radials as they take off. Future generations of Britons shouold be able to see Sally B and see her fly.
You'd think that they'd lower it for warbirds as a memorial to the lives given but no, it's a day of liberal politicians that have no respect for past generations' sacrifices.

They want to forget World War 2 because it was bad and evil...and naughty. :confused:
Okay, there is one practical thing that can be done to help.

On Sunday, I'll write up a letter protesting about this, and I'll put it up in this thread.

What you can then do is print it off, sign it, and send it to your M.P.

Now, for people from other lands, I shall ask my Dad as to who the best person is to send it to, and adjust the letter accordingly.
I have sent a mass e-mail to everyone in my address book about this. If we all can make enough noise, we can get it done. We need to make sure that as many people know as possible.

SAVE THE SALLY B is our rallying cry!
mosquitoman said:
Apparently the owner of her has written to the current transport secretary about the situation but still, a few signatures might help him change his mind.

We mustn't forget about the French B-17 aswell, Pink Lady might need our help too


OK - Does anyone have an address or an e mail for your DOT. I'll shoot off an e mail right now!
Of course, Flyboy. They've dressed it up in a nice pink ballet outfit. The crew mince around in it while flying.

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