Searching for a decal 1/48 P-38J

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Jan 18, 2011

I hope to post this in the right section, if not, Wojtek, sorry in advance and thank you to move it in the right place ;)
I'm searching a decal which can find in the Eduard boxing 1175 "Pacific Lighnings". I need the decal n°89 => pilot name and victories for the P-38J-10 flown by J. T. Robbins (scheme E).
Ready for purchase or exchange.
Thanks :)

Argh ! Bad news, I sent an email to Eduard to know if this decal was still in stock but they replied that they didn't have those available anymore. :(
Unfortunately, it removes one of the projects whereas I have all the rest of the deco (thanks to Andy)...
Hopefully you can solve this Steph. I'd like to help but unfortunately I have too much on the go at the moment. I won't finish my B-25 in time and likely won't start my Lightning for at least 3 weeks.
Geo found a solution... :)
Andy, even if you wanted/could, not sure you can help me. The only thing I need is the pilot's name and rank. Impossible to make masks... The other option is to print my own decals... I can try here but I think the yellow/orange color will not be opaque enough on the OD. But I'll try anyway. :)

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