Some Liberator GR VI questions

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Mar 4, 2016
Does anyone know what bomb aiming device the RCAF/RAF/etc Liberator GRVI bombers would use? With the secrecy of the Norden site I'm not sure the US would have given them to anyone else. I can not find what might have been used instead though. Also does anyone know the bomb load armed with Mines type VIII or XI?. From what I understand Canada used internal fuel tanks in the bomb bay for the ASW role to enhance range which later Britain and the US copied. I cant seem to find pictures or anything of these tanks though and I am not sure which bomb bay they fit in. I'm assuming the forward bomb bay for CoG reasons. Thanks for any help in the matter.
The AP1730A Vol ! gives the Mk III sight as up to 1,000 feet. The Mk XIV was 1,000 to 20,000 as of August 1943 increased to up to 25,000 by April 1944. The T1 was the Mk XIV manufactured in the US using US processes but was functionally the same. I'll see what I can find on mine bombloads but not sure I have much. The internal fuel tank is interesting with the trade between bombload and range. Norden was not used and would have been inappropriate with its requirement for a steady bomb run-in. A few RAF specialist bombers needing accuracy used the SABS sight e.g. 617 Squadron but I don't think Coastal ever required that.
1000 ft you're right -- just looked and I was remembering an ORS assessment:

At heights above about 600 ft with existing types of aircraft accurate tracking by judgement can no longer be assumed and 600 ft. is therefore probably the top height limit at which the instrument should be used.
Greyman. I have been picking up papers from TNA and RAF Hendon primarily on low level bombsights used by Coastal. Sounds like you are clued up on such things. Would you be interested in exchanging notes?
Thankyou for the help. It gives me new directions to look. :)

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