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Chocks away!

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Jan 16, 2005
I just bought it and I have some questions :
1) It's a stand alone installation. After going through patches 301 and 304 , for some the newer patch refuses to install and the game refuses to run.
2)How do you use the gunsight of the Hayabusa? If I toggle the gunsight it merely zooms into blackness. :confused:
Don't panic - help is on it's way.

Just very quickly though - it's possible that you might have downloaded a merged patch for a stand-alone game. It sounds like one of those problems which is easy to sort out if you're physically there (like practically everything to do with computers) but a nightmare to explain from afar.

However, Hot Space is very good at this Il2 remote technical support stuff so when he's next in town he'll see this thread and sort you out. He's cheap, and you'll just have to do his laundry in lieu of a fee.
Hey Cheddar I doubt a Hayabusa is worse than a Macci 200 in any way! :BIG:

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