Spewing at Amazon

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Jul 2, 2006
Kiwi Land
Ok, 6 weeks after ordering it "The Lancaster Manual" arrives in Kiwi Land.

Imagine the words expressed when this was how the mongrels had packed it.

Do you think there is a NASTY email on its way to Amazon UK? Hu, would I express my MILD displeasure at their Ham Fisted, Moronic, My 2 1/2 Year old Son could do better, bloody pathetic attempt to send a package around the world?

One would think that possibly this may not be the first time they might have put a book in a bloody box and posted it.

One might even use LOGIC, and deduce that the sticky part on the packaging SHOULD NOT BE STUCK TO THE BLOODY BOOK.

It only cost me 1 leg and 1/2 an Arm, so I have one fist and a soggy stump to beat the cr@p out of someone who sorely deserves it.

Now back to reading an amazing book, mutter mumble, snarl.


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Take it from someone who humped packages for United Parcel Service, this is likely a box that was ripped open in transit. The dumb F'er who likely taped it up just did a 2 second job with a tape gun.

I would contact your delivery service. UPS would make it right in the States.


It arrived to New Zealand Post in that condition, and was bagged and labelled as received damaged.

Also the box itself shows NO evidence of the adhesive ever having been in contact with it, none of the normal tearing of the cardboard if it was tampered with in any way.

The glue used is damn strong and would have torn the cardboard surface if it had been opened.
that's a damn shame but believe me Kiwi i have a copy of that book- the extra cardboard appendage is worth it, you'll never need annother book about the lancaster again... of couse that hasn't stopped me buying more :lol:

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