Spitfire Trim

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Nov 10, 2013
Espergaerde, Denmark
I'm building a Spitfire Mk.II balsa scale 1:7 and I have run into a problem and is really in need of some help.

Having build the horizontal stabilisor and the elevator I need to find out how the connection rod that operates the trim was fastened.
All I have is an old lubrication chart and it's not too clear I'm afraid.
I can make out that the rotating mechanism (the one that turns the jack screw) is mounted in the stabilisor but how was it made so that the elevator could move freely up and down without tampering with the setting of the trim?
If anyone has a schematic or pictures I would be truly grateful.

Unfortunately the Spirfires we had at the Museum for years all departed for home a couple of years back.

I can get pics of OTHER planes' solutions, but the British typically do things slightly differently than, say, the Japanese. I say that because the Mitsubishi Zero control surfaces are being recovered and can be photographed so the trim mechanism is evident at this time. But ... no SPitfires around to take pics of at present. Probably will be in early May when we have the airshow, though ...
Hello Greg.
Thank you for your answer. What do you mean that all the Spitfires departed for home? Are you seriously telling me that you let them go, just like that? :)
I will keep digging then, but if you could I'd be glad if you'd keep me in mind come May.
Will do. I'll get pics.

In the A6M5 Model 52 Zero, they have a shaft that turns and it has a u-joint just at the elevator pivot axis. It turns an offset lever thath has a pin on the end. The pin fits into a solid cylinder that slides to allow for the it to move insde a greased tube. The cylinder is behind the trim tab pivot axis, so the trim tab moves when the shaft turns in either direction.

Sounds complicated but it isn't:


Maybe we could dig up a diagram for the Spitfire.
Will do. I'll get pics.
Maybe we could dig up a diagram for the Spitfire.
That would be absolutely great, thank you so much.

Elevator trim.jpg

This is what I've got. As you can see it gives an idea of what it looks like. But I need more details. Also, I just realised that the rudder trim looks as if it's different from the elevator. (could be the drawing though)
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Just looking at it, the Japanese system is much simpler and more robust. But ... as long as the trim works and is reliaable, it's pretty much a moot point.
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