Stepping Stones: Pacific Theatre

Discussion in 'Other aviation games/sims' started by gatman, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Hey fellas, how are we all going?

    I'd like to introduce you all to my teams mod, Stepping Stones: Pacific Theatre
    We're modding a game called Crysis which I'm sure most of you gamers already know about, and as you know the stock game doesn't feature pilotable airplanes, it has a Vtol and helicopters.
    Our mod is very closely based on the Pacific Theatre and we're including a number of Aircraft that were used through those battles primarily including the Zero A6M and the Corsair.

    The reason I've made this thread is to ask a few of you what you think about certain features and what's worth including etc also, I'd like a bit of help finding some sounds.

    So far we have a pilotable Zero in the air and working with fully functioning Gear, Flaps, Ailerons, Rudder, Canopy.

    What I'm looking for though is some sounds for static cockpit Vox (including some instructions too if possible which would obviously have to be in Japanese) along with some flaps/gears/engine/cockpit ambiance sound too.

    I have place holders and for the engine I'm using some Merlin samples for the time being but if anyone know where I can find anything better that would be excellent :)

    Cheers for any help you can give me at all. Our first map will be the battle of Tarawa for the record :)
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    Sounds like a winner, but I have to say that the Merlin engine was a distinct sound. Almost no other engine like it.

    You would be far better off with a generic radial engine sound file then a V-12 if you wanted to keep your accuracy.

    There were alot of sound files available for CFS2 aircraft that may be able to be incorporated into your program.

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