Story: Hawkeye’s Long Vision

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    Great article for a longer read....
    Cover Story: Hawkeye’s Long Vision
    Equipped with next-generation radar, the U.S. Navy’s E2-D Advanced Hawkeye will protect against over-the-horizon threats including cruise missiles
    Ron Laurenzo

    Like many in their 40s, the E-2 Hawkeye program has learned a lot over the years, becoming smarter and better at what it does while realizing that time has taken its toll. But unlike other 40-somethings, the U.S. Navy’s flying radar program is undergoing a midlife rejuvenation that will make the second half of its life even better.

    Outside, the new E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning and command and control aircraft will look the same as its predecessor. But inside, it will feature a revolutionary new radar system combined with powerful digital processing and communications capabilities that essentially knock down the door to 21st century warfare already cracked open by the current E-2C fleet.
    Now read on:
    Avionics Magazine :: Cover Story: Hawkeye’s Long Vision

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