Stukas in the desert

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Rodders 61

Jun 16, 2023
Hi, Can anyone help. When Stuka's went to the desert theatre and were painted for example RLM 79 Sand brown upper surfaces was the colour painted directly over the RLM70/71 greens or was that stripped off. I have a picture of the same aircraft in the European scheme and RLM 79.
Thanks for any help,
As memo serves the Ju-87s in the early time of the N.Africa operation got the RLM79 Sandgelb camo spots on the standard RLM 70/71/65 already applied camo colours. Later the Stukas of the trop variants got the RLM79 Sandbraun and the RLM80 Olivegrun spots on tops. The undersides were of the RLM78 Azurblau. The planes already being in the service seem to get the desert camo applied over the standard RLM70/71/65 one. These brand new that were sent to the N.Africa directly from the Junkers factories were of the desert camo without the standard one on the background. Usually these were painted with the RLM79 Sand overall.
It is said that Germans could use the Italian sand colour as well.

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