the AH-1 Cobra is still one mean bird

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Oct 18, 2006
Photo from an associate working targeting systems for the latest Marine Cobra at China Lake...

That is still a very menacing, tough looking helicopter, and there are many
insurgents who have greeted Allah personally thanks to the Marines
who have their hand on collective and cyclic. "mkloby" will appreciate this!


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The Cobra is a great aircraft. I personally like it better than the AH-64 Apache.

Here are some pics of some Marine Cobras that I took in Iraq. These are the older Whiskey models though that they currently are using.


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Ah, this was based from memory on the experience of using Hueys and Iroquois for supporting troops in Vietnam. The doorguns were used from the air for enemy suppression and close air support. Some types also were armed with rockets. I know somewhere I have something talking about the armaments of an ACH-47 Chinook which is the armoured gunship version of the famous Chinook, and really I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of what that helicopter gunship carries!!!
Yeap the US Army used the Huey as gunships in Vietnam. The Marines still use Hueys as gunships. Below is a pic of me standing next to a USMC UH-1N Huey Gunship in Kuwait before I flew north into Iraq. Ofcourse in my superior Blackhawk! :lol:

Just kidding mkloby. I love the Huey, if the Army had let me I would have gone Huey instead of Blackhawk.

I will post the pic tomorrow actually. I have a guest.
Blackhawks are definitely excellent helos. It dwarfs the UH-1N with most of its capabilities. Thankfully the Yankees are coming out soon, then it will actually be a utility helicopter. I know Huey pilots that said in Iraq they were so overloaded that they bounced them on the skids on takeoff!
Here is one of the pics. This one unfortunatly is not the one with the rockets and the 50 Cal. This one only has the .50 Cal. I will have to find the other pics of the "real" gunship Hueys in Iraq.


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  • Posing with a Marine UH-1N Huey, check out the 50 cal, Camp Udarie, Kuwait - Feb. 21, 20042.JPG
    Posing with a Marine UH-1N Huey, check out the 50 cal, Camp Udarie, Kuwait - Feb. 21, 20042.JPG
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nice pics chris - you're right they do look much more intimidating w/ the 2.75" pods
Yes, do post the photo of the Huey please. They are an interesting looking helicopter. Can't remember ever being in one though. I know I looked at one somewhere but from memory that was an RAAF Iroquois... Similar but not quite...
I loved working on the cobra. It is a beautiful aircraft that has alot of personality. Loved working on the miniguns of the S model.
The C-nite was a great bird to work on too. I think it added another dimension for a great aircraft.
We tried awfully hard to sell Apache to the Aussies...A pity they didn't buy
as I was all ready for an assignment in southern latitudes. AH-64 pretty much
raised my two children...
that's if you can get them flying, that'll be the last time they use Windows XP in an attack helicopter :lol: and what's not to like about the hind? next time you watch Star Wars Ep.II look for the similarities between the Republic Gunships and the Hind, and we all know how much the gunships rocked ;)
AH-64Ds down UH-60s just as quickly as Mi-24 Hinds. They are the greatest gunships yet in the world...

What are you talking about? The Apache is a ground attack/anti tank helicopter. It is not a air to air aircraft. The movie Firebirds is fake. They dont shoot aircraft down with there cannon or the rockets in the pods.

The Blackhawk is actually faster and just as maneuverable and is actually a more stable weapons platform, which is why the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment "Night Stalkers" uses the Blackhawk as a gunship with hellfires and rockets and miniguns instead of the Apache. They dont use a single Apache as a matter of fact.

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