The Blockade Breakers "The Berlin Airlift" Helen P Schrader (Active Foreign Service)

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    This book is well worth reading. Its dedication is for " To all the men and women who contributed - in whatever way - to the success of this remarkable and unique operation." There are probably more than 14 books about the "Berlin Airlift" have read most of them. This book however gives a complete picture of what the U.S.S.R. were up to in trying to get the whole of Berlin and the Allies out. The one thing that sticks out how ever,the children knew what was wanted. "Their Freedom as Berliners and Germans". It would only come from the West and the Allies. The aircraft that were used and the new Air Lines that started up. Some of the antics of the Russians is almost beyond comprehension. The old planes used is incredible. How some of them even got off the ground is quite astounding. ie DC3 with 9 tons of coal. Are there many of you Guys still around. Thank You for what you did, especially those who had just finished flying after the WW2 and those who went back again and again. I was only 17 when the Airlift started but it fascinated me to read about it in the Newspapers. Very Best Regards Ken B

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