The Changi Murals

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Oct 17, 2006
Brisbane Queensland
Whilst I was looking for information on the Gun Emplacements for the Singapore Batteries in WW2 I came across the site called Changi Murals. I have not had time to go through entire site but it is dedicated to all Prisoners of War of the Japanese whether they be men women or children servicemen or civilians etc during WW2

The Changi Murals

I have actually visited the Changi Chapel and Museum in October 2005 and have seen these Murals. Its an inspiring place and the spirit of man in times of great hardship and deprivation is very evident. The Murals were painted between 1942 to 1945 by Bombardier Stanley Warren of the 15th Field Regiment. Royal Regiment of Artillery whilst he was a Prisoner of War in Changi. Bombardier Stanley Warren passed away on the 20th February 1992 according to the site. A devote Christian man it seems as his murals depict various depictions of Jesus Christ

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