'The Debden Kidd' - oil sketch

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Airman 1st Class
Finished all but the airplanes (three on the ground and five in the air) a couple of days ago on this, the 1/2 scale oil study (10" x 24"). I'm giving the canvas a few days to dry before I commence work on the planes lest I smear paint unnecessarily!

Correction: The farthest airborne airplane is done ... it's that tiny dot just ahead of and above the wingman's vertical tail.

The tendency is to take this oil sketch too far, i.e., spend too long on details, but on the background I really tried to "move on" once I had the basic colors and values I wanted. Gotta save 'something' for the final canvas!

I've included the final pencil study in this post for a side-by-side comparison:




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