The Falklands, 25 years after

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Nice article, but I think that it work best if merged with the earlier topic. Is not that big.

I watched "Back to the Front" with my dad tonight, it was about the Falklands War. Interviews with Falklands folk today living great lives in a prosperous community, and interviews with the Falklands folk of the day who aided the British troops because they were disgusted with the Argentinian invasion.

Also, footage from Port Stanley where Argentinian troops had s*it on the Post Office floor, using it as a toilet. Left hand grenades lying about the place, and treated the streets as rubbish dumps. You would have thought Port Stanley was occupied for a year or so, not many months.

It was a great programme, brought back some memories of the place for my dad. "What a sh*thole that place is, not a f*cking tree in sight. And all who live there are bennys" ...:lol:

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