The first air victory in the WWII, claimed by an aircraft operating from British homeland.

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If WW2 began 1 Sep 39, wouldn't the first air victory have been Polish or German?
Wait, from Britain? Never mind.
A minor point, the first British air victory of WW2 by an aircraft flying from the UK was in fact a Hawker Hurricane shot down by a Supermarine Spitfire on 6 September 1939, three days after the war began, in an incident that has become known as the Battle of Barking Creek.

The first enemy aircraft to be shot down by a British aircraft was a Dornier Do 18 at the hands of a Blackburn Skua flying from the carrier Ark Royal, on 26 September 1939, with the thread starter incident taking place as the first enemy aircraft shot down by a British aircraft flying from UK shores.

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