The Real Reason The Navy Doesn't Use The F-22 Raptor

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Northrop-Grumman F-14 replacement


NG F-14 replacement.jpg

D/POC (Demonstrator/Proof of Concept) prototype currently flying in air-space near you . . . :shock:
I figured the obvious reason was that LM stopped making them. If the USAF had the original allotment of 750 aircraft there may have been cost efficiencies to enable the necessary mods for naval ops. As it is, the Air Force has more old-tech F-15C/D than its planned F-22 replacement. If you include the F-15E, the USAF has more than 2.5X as many Eagles. I expect by the time the F-22 retires in/around 2030 the F-15 will still be in USAF service.

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