The things you can find on eBay...

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they're all being retired now anyway, you can have as many as you want, so remember kids; Buy British!....
Hey, I'm horrible when converting Anything to Anything. How much would that be in $.
1. Nice approach

2. Yeah I wanted it to be my siggy picture but I can't figure it out. I asked on my basic post but no one's posting.
go to the user CP at the top of the page, on the left hand side will be an option to change your avatar, click it, it will lead you to a world of mystery and wonderment......
Well I was gonna say fag, but I thought thats a bit to common so I wracked my brains for a different word ;)
Yeah there you go. How's that. I also changed my avatar. Hope you like it.
At the current bid of £150,300 this is approx $286,711. It would be nice to get a.) pilots license, b.) certified on type, c.) money to buy it outright, d.) get the plane flying and fully certified as safe..
Ah well I can but dream :|
Mong 145 up, 32 down

Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebal ability. General retardation.
Generally: a total spastic

No I don't need you to help me with my supermarket trolley, you f^%$ing mong
The winning bid was £65,512.34 or about $124,328.51 - bit of a bargain really

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