"The Top 11 Highest Scoring British fighters" (with some surprises?)

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Feb 6, 2021
I've stumbled acros the following video from 'Caliban Rising' - which I duly throw to The Experten for analysis and critique.

Overall, interesting - though it would be more objective and useful if such video works included text links within video for the sources (why don't folk do that, I wonder?)

There were a couple of surprises in there for me, I must confess - not so much aircraft that made it in per-se, but more the numbers of victories scored and the order they appeared.

Its a shame the author mentions the very patchy Hush Kit! I tried not to allow it to colour my enjoyment or trust too much ;)

Which RAF Aircraft Shot Down The Most Aircraft In WW2?
You will find the sources for the video in the title text. Click on show more and scroll down a bit.
Cheers, I've seen those, but they're fairly generic and limited to a list of titles and authors, not really like a bibliography enabling you to easily look something up unless you read through the whole tome. I was meaning that as a quote for a specific authoritative sounding stat is given, a bit of text pops up in the body of the video, preferably with an actual page reference or a URL. I mean the authors already done the work, so it would just be a nice touch I think. (Or maybe its just me! Lol)

I freely confess I'm starting to become a bit obsessed that as the original first hand sources are diminishing and people turn to youtube and the web for 'easy facts', a lot of baseless stuff has been repeated and has become canon regarding WW2 aviation. This site does an excellent job of debunking a lot of them by using verifiable sources and giving specific info. Can youtube creators working on historical documentaries do the same, I wonder?
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