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About this time last year I was set various challenges by many friends. It started quite simple for instance:
Go into a store/shop take something up to the counter as if you were paying for it and ask " Do you know where I can buy this cheaper please?" ( of course I did it...HMV and they told me to try 'Music Zone'...which I did and they were right I could get it cheaper...though ASDA/ Wallmart beat even their price).

The challenges grew .... get a tattoo (I you know), name the parts of a carburettor... I choose the 'Lancaster Bomber' which brought me to this site ( and you lovely lot) and my original thread on here.

Another (and brinig me to my point) was to get as high as you can on the Google. Now I on page one (UK) with my real name.... twice!! woohoo!

BUT thanks to Evan I have also reached page 10 with Crippen, I was 'Searching for Crippen' when I noticed the thread he put on here 'Has anyone heard from Crippen'? thanks mate I bow down before thee.
Go on, check out where you are on Google with your real name and then with the name you use on here....what page are you on????? lol

So I thought maybe I should get you 'Lot' started on this topic one year on...... My Challenge Anniversary !!!
So if you were setting a challenge for
a) a named person on here.....who would it be and what would it be?
b) a general challenge for everyone, what would it be?
c) what would you challenge yourself to do?
d) what would you challenge your partner/girlfriend ( boyfriend ;) )?

Go nuts!!!!!! 8)
I wont be around now until after the China Event in October. So I wanted to say 'Stay Safe and Be Happy'.

Hugs Cripps (Bev) x
Id set myself a challenge, which would be to think of a chellenge. I really have no thought train at the moment :lol:

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