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Help any body have any more info on the TU-2 in the middle of a complete restoration of two birds back to flying shape.
We need any and all manuals we can get from engines to air frame, and maintenance if any one has them. We have one bird in the hanger all paint has been removed. Just started to repair front green house and rebuild the top of the nose because the wood was all rotten. We have rebuilt the stablizer and it is back on the rear section and the rear section has been bolted back to the main center section. Wings have been striped of paint, fuel tanks removed and will start repainting inside of wings soon. if all goes well might have in the air by 2017.
Merlin51 , with tracker - good luck with your restoration; a real brute of a machine. You could try contacting the MLP in Cracow, see link below. They have a Tu-2 and also English speaking staff, so might be able to point you in the right direction. The aircraft curator used to be a chap called Piotr Lopalewsky; a nice guy and he speaks English. Give the museum a try.

Polish Aviation Museum Cracow

Polish Aviation Museum Cracow

There's one in the Beijing military museum too. Don't know the version...Didn't look to me as tho it had been restored.....just wheeled in there and chocked up. Very impressive. It's a very interesting museum.....main hall full of early Migs and captured prizes displayed outside under cover. Aircraft included a Chinese Nationalist marked P51 and the remains of a U2. Other side is armour.....a very comprehensive collection of US ww2 vehicles.
Hi all thanks for info. We are going to try the polish museum as I think one of our lead mechanic took a C-47 to one of the Polish museum some time ago.
  • "Tu-2 Technical Manual - Book II", 1946
  • "Tu-2 Technical Manual - Book III", 1946
  • "Tu-2 Instructions for aviation mechanics", 1944
  • "Tu-2 Instructions for aviation mechanics", 1948


  • Ту-2 ТО книга 2 1946.pdf
    14.1 MB · Views: 334
  • Ту-2 ТО книга 3 1946.pdf
    19.5 MB · Views: 319
  • Ту-2 Инструкция механику 1944.pdf
    6.6 MB · Views: 276
  • Ту-2 Инструкция механику 1948.pdf
    7.7 MB · Views: 314

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