Unit emblem ID needed P-38

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    Hello,I have a photo do not know how to post but will describe emblem on tail scoop of P-38 I need an ID as to what "Squadron" or "Group" this ebmlem is Please.........................

    A round background with the outer edge in a light color,inside of background is a dark color sillouette of a cowboy riding a bucking broncho horse, the horse is slightly above the ground which is a small cloud at bottom, cowboy is holding his hat in right hand and reins in left hand and both are facing to the right.
    The emblem most likely is a stateside design and "Unofficial" as it is not in the Official USAAF Squadron or Group unit lineage books.

    I would appreciate any help possible on this unit's ID and it's colors, I am an avid WW2 USAAF/USN/USMC emblem design researcher and have tracked down many emblems and enjoy finding new ones like this, I hope to hear fom members on this one, also please note that if you have any emblems you are not sure what unit ,if it is of WW2 era and US send me a scan and I'll try to ID it for you,I have 25+ years at doing this and glad to help no charge !
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