USAAF Roundel: Parallel AND normal?

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Glock Perfection
Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
I've always seen the USAAF roundel as normal to the fuselage (direction of flight) in WWII straight winged airplanes. However this changed in later years. Does anyone know if there was a conscious decision to make the star/stripes roundel parallel to the wing chord versus normal to the direction of flight?

Below is the roundel normal to representation of flight. Thus followed by the parallel to wing chord representation.

Any insight?


  • insignia - normal.ppt
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  • insignia - parallel.ppt
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Well that was a resounding bust. Course nobody hung me for putting the roundel on the WRONG DAMN SIDE!:oops:

Nobody has a clue?
Bravo! Thinks for looking into it. What is the date of the technical order above?

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