USS Juneau

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May 12, 2005
What do ya'll guys think of the actions taken immeadiatly after the sinking of the USS Juneau.
It was despicable that USN forces on Guadalcanal were nearby and could have scoured the area after the sinking, but didnt.

In all fairness to the task force commander, they were leaving a pitched and violent sea battle and were not about to stop at sea with a submarine about.

However, that didnt mean they couldnt have raised Tulagi on the radio and told them to look for survivors.
I have to agree with you syscom3, I was reading a book about the actions taken after the sinking of the USS Juneau and only 10 survivors out of over 700 survived. And the thing is that if they had acted fast they could have saved over 150+ survivors of the immeadiate explosion. Instead they waited over a week to pick them up and thus causing one of the greatest blunders of World War 2.
Plus don't forget the 2 Roger brothers that died. It would have been 4 but one of the brothers took himself and his youngest brother on a supply ship for this reason of fearing that they would all die.
You should try reading the book "Left To Die", its sad but it shows the horrors the survivers passed.
Vassili Zaitzev said:
The sinking of the juneau is sad for for me because of the death of the fighting Sullivans. My last name is sullivan and although Im not directly related.
I think the "Sullivan Clause" is still in effect. After 9-11 my brother and I were both in the reserves - my brother got called up immediately (he's Army). My command wanted to continually know his status, especially if he got sent to a war zone......

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