Vickers Vildebeest

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Jan 1, 2006
A google search reveals quite a lot of sources of information for the Vildebeest Marks III and IV. I have gaps in my knowledge on the Marks I and II as follows:

Mark I
What was the max speed?
What was the range?

Mark II
What was the max speed?
What was the range?
What was the weight empty?
According to Thetford in his 'Aircraft of the Royal Air Force' the Mk1 was powered by the Pegasus 1 engine (sorry don't know the h.p.) whilst the Mk 2 had the 660 h.p. Pegasus 2M3. It also states that the only change with the Mk3 was "altered rear cockpit and a permanent third seat." So speed should be the same Mk2 Mk3 i.e. 143 mph. Range quoted at 630 miles.
NB total roduction for the Mk1 2 was 151 for the RAF up to Sept 1936
Hope this helps
Thanks for that Merlin. As of 2/9/39 the RAF and RNZAF still had the following on strength:

Mk I - 4
Mk II - 4
Mk III - 86
Mk IV - 11



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