Vickers Wellington Mks I, IA and IC

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Jan 1, 2006
The gross weights of the 3 types were:

Mk I - 21,000lb
Mk IA - 28,000lb
Mk IC - 30,000lb

I know that the empty weight of the Mk IC was 18,800lb. What was the empty weight of the Mk I and Mk IA?

All 3 versions had 2 x 815 hp Pegasus XVIII engines which gave the Mk IC a max. speed of 234 mph. What was the max. speed of the Mk I and Mk IA?


Hi !!!
The "TBU" publication no.68 - Mk.I max. speed 394,3 km/h
Mk.IA max. speed 378,2 km/h
Mk.IC max. speed 378,2 km/h

The "4+" publication - Mk.I/IA/IC max. speed 395-380 km/h (245-235 mph)
at 4570 m ( 15000ft )

weight empty - Mk.I 8170 kg (18000 lb)
- Mk.IA 8390 kg (18500 lb)
- Mk.IC 8530 kg (18800 lb)

The first prototype of Wellington Mk.I was powered by two Bristol Pegasus X - 680,6 kW nine-cilinder single-row air-cooled engines.After its damage in 1938 the plane was re-engined with Bristol Pegasus XVIII - 772,5 kW

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