Video slide show, for you T-6 lovers

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Here is a video I put together for a friend of mine, who happened to be flying at the Camarillo show. Here he is flying the SNJ-5 (Navy version of the T-6). Enjoy!


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Thanks. Yes, there is a gun on that SNJ, good eye, PB. Some of the T-6/SNJ aircraft were fitted with a single gun on one wing and a gun cam in the other for aerial gunnery training. From the Cavanaugh flight museum:
The AT-6 was commonly fitted with a single fixed .30 cal. machine gun, which was used for basic aerial and air-to-ground gunnery training.

Most of them have been removed over the years, but we have one that still has it. I get questions about that one a lot when giving tours at the museum.
Thanks. Yes, it's the Top Gun Anthem. I do all the photo editting in photo shop and optimize them for the size used for the video. I use Roxio Easy Media Creator for all my video editting. I don't like what happens with WMM when converted to DVD, it looks like crap.

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