Vulcan at Bruntingthorpe

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Tech Sergeant
Apr 6, 2005
Some footage of the taxiable Vulcan that lives at Bruntingthorpe. Hope to get up there in person some time soon.


  • brunt-vulcan_167.wmv
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Not old enough to have seen a Vulcan flying :(
Good to hear she will be flying by the end of '06, bring on the new year! :)
Even standing still the Vulcan is an impressive sight, seeing it fly must be incredible.

Got any B-52 or B47 videos? or indeed any more of the early cold war bombers from any side? They are some of my favourites 8)
Loads... now where did it put them?

The Vulcan is probably my fave jet bomber but like most of the others... B1 and B52 especially. But I dunno why but I am not so keen on the B2.

We were lucky that they had the farewell sirshow for the Vulcan nearby in Cranfield... all those years ago. Wistful sigh.

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