WarThunder Air Armor ACE START, get ahead fast and wing big!

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    WarThunder is both and AIR and ARMOR (tanks) game with plan to add SHIPS.
    Runs on Windows, Macintosh, and most recently PS4

    It is a game, the Flight Model (FM) is not as high quality as a pure flight simulator and a number of aircraft have incorrect FM that is being corrected over time, HOWEVER it is enjoyable and semi historical game for the casual and serious alike. To that end it can be played well with a MOUSE!

    Game play comes in 3 modes
    • Arcade Battles (FM is loose, massive no holds barred play)
    • Realistic Battles (FM is strict but mouse fly still allowed, sides strictly followed).
    • Simulation Battles (FM strict, joystick only, NO HUD, very close TARGET HUD).

    War Thunder is still in BETA since it came out over a year ago (early 2013) and they are doing a lot of changes. It really is "finished", likely the use of Beta avoids certain issues.

    How the game UI works:
    Every game you play you earn "Silver Lions", "Research Points" and "Crew Experience". Those earnings are used to purchase/upgrade aircraft and crew. It is possible to buy 95% of the objects in the game (not just units), but to earn that much SL will take MONTHS of playing, 24/7.
    Buying Gold Eagles with REAL $$$ allows you to exchange for SL, RP, CE, or a host of other items. One does not gain any performance advantage over someone not buying GE, just allows one to buy and upgrade faster (and a few unique but unremarkable aircraft). Be warned! One can easily spend hundreds of $$$!

    Some quick advice to those starting up.
    • SAVE YOUR "GOLD EAGLES". It is the main currency which you pay REAL money for. New players may get 200 GE free, hold on to them. It is used to buy anything in the game, use wisely.
    • Do NOT purchase new crew slots (at first). Save "Silver Lions" (minor currency) for aircraft upgrades and aircraft.
    • Upgrade ONLY ONE of your crew slots, play and spend to get that crew to at least 250 crew experience ASAP.
    • WAIT for SALES to buy stuff. Every week there are discounts and specials, get stuff on sales price! Save up until till then.
    • Reserve aircraft are FREE and have NO repair cost. Purchased units give you 10 free repairs, after which you either wait to repair or pay for rush repair.
    • Premium Account is paid for using GE. IF you can spend several hours to play that day, then it is worth to buy one day Premium, otherwise save your GE.
    • Check the WT web site DAILY if you can, they always announce a special event that day so you can net goodies for cheap!
    • April 1st is a day you must log in, no matter what you are doing. :D

    MOUSE vs JOYSTICK playing.
    Mouse: You can play using only mouse, and it does this by use of an "autopilot" which help the player fly. The biggest crutch in it is the ability to click on the target and your aircraft will point and lock exactly at the target, rock solid, perfect shooting platform. Easy aim and kill.

    Joystick does have some powerful abilities, however. One can do maneuvers impossible with mouse players becuase one has full control. You also gain the ability of flying with stick while looking around you with mouse.

    3 Game Match types
    In the game you can play 3 types of matches.
    • Arcade Battle: Fun mix-mash of aircraft and sides in exaggerated tiny maps, play as many slots as you want. As name suggests, this is really comic play, and a good start to play game.
    • Realistic Battle: More controlled on side and missions, but still quite forgiving flying.
    • Simulation Battle: Joystick only locked-in-cockpit view and other realistic limits (like structural), least popular.

    Player eNtaK authored a series of tutorial videos.
    Learning the game, Episodes 1 2, The Basics
    Learning the game, Episodes 3 4, Getting around the game.
    Learning the game, Episodes 5 6, Carriers and Aircraft Types.
    Ground Forces #1, Basic setup
    Learning the game, Episode 7, Ammunition Belts Ammo Types

    Advanced tutorials for specific tactics are also being produced.
    Ground/Sea Attack Tactics - Part 1: Level Bombing
    Ground/Sea Attack Tactics - Part 2: Dive Bombing
    Ground/Sea Attack Tactics - Part 3: Torpedo Attacks
    Ground/Sea Attack Tactics - Part 4: Missile attacks

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