What book would you recommend about the PBY Catalina?

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Look for PBY book recommendations. Especially interested in RAF use, but mostly curious about typical operations and characteristics of the aircraft. I know where to go for scale model reference...looking for what it was like to fly or serve on one.


Sep 1, 2019
I have the following. Not recommending them as such but they all have a lot about Cats in different theatres.
North Atlantic Cat by Don McVicar -
Flying Cats by Andrew Hendrie -
Wings of the Dawning by Arthur Banks - Indian Ocean -
Catalina over Arctic oceans by John French -
My War by Andy Padbury - bit more light-hearted but a fun read -
I seek my Prey in the waters by Tom Dudley-Gordon - Cats only feature in parts -

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Master Sergeant
Dec 18, 2015
If you want just an all round beautiful book try this one:


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