What is 44-1 fuel?

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Senior Airman
Mar 21, 2005
I came across this test using 44-1 fuel which does not appear to be standard aviation fuel.

In June of 1944, a P-47 was tested with 44-1 and found that the maximum rate of climb for 2700 RPM, 65.0" Hg., water injection was 3260 ft/min. at 10,000 feet.

P 47D Performance Test

44-1 is basically 100/150 (or 104/150 depending on what you read) octane avgas. It had 6 cc of lead per gallon as opposed to the 4 cc of lead per gallon of 100/130 octane.

I dont know how all this relates to 115/145 avgas and dont know the lead content of it either.

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