What is this He-219 equipment?

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Apr 12, 2005
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Any help on what this function this performs? Equipment cooling? For what equipment? Radar?


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Yep, it's called a ''suppressed'' D/F aerial, and the 'ring-thing' further down the fuselage is the D/F loop, for homing approach.......nice pic....
It basically an antenna used for an AM homing system, in today's terms it's called ADF. You could use it for homing in on an AM signal. Also if you had data on the terrain surrounding an airport, you could shoot an instument approach commonly called an "NDB Approach."
the lancaster kicks ass said:
nice pic i didn't kmow what it was either, can you post the pic without your writing on it??

You could go buy Roland Remp's He219 book. ISBN 0-7643-1229-4

He has 2 cut-away drawings in it, with part IDs.

Eric Brown's 'Wings of the LW' has as well.
too far man too far, i'm cornish through and through, and as if that wasn't stereotypical enough i'm a farmer too, we're noutouriously tight with the purse strings..........
Here ya go Lanc. By the way, I cannot take credit for coming up with the painting. I actually found it in the Wallpaper/Picture Album section of this forum. They have some beautiful paintings (my favorite, as opposed to the pics) of WWII action sequences. I'm not fond of the computer graphics and what appear to be screen shots from games, but they are fun nevertheless.
Here's one you might like... :)


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You like that? Get a load of this beauty. The detail is breathtaking.


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