what is this plane and about when????

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Nov 16, 2004
I need to know what this is and about when. I know this is not the place for it but you guys i have been a huge help in the past


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That is all i have. It is part of a question and answer thing i have for a project. I have one more pic i will attach


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The only other hint i have as to what it is.

"This one was sort of famous in it's day, more for what it was going to do than what it ever did. It was a big one at that time in aviation history."
The hull looks to be an actual boat, complete with bowsprit, for cryin' out loud! One thing for sure, the guy who designed that hull wasn't responsible for wiring those tin can wing floats out there! Nice V-8 engine, though: note the single pushrod-rocker arm assembly for both valves, a common practice back then. It has an Italian air about it, somehow.
I'm damned if I can find anything. Does anyone know of a good reverse search-engine for images. By that I mean an engine you can put a picture in and it will search for the same / similar images?

The engine looks a lot like a Curtiss V-8 from about 1909 or so. The pilot even looks a bit like Glenn L. Curtiss!

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