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May 29, 2005
a graph showing the number of axis aircraft downed by each allied type; Spitfire, P-47 etc????? In a debate over which fighter shot down the most axis planes one guy insists that he read that more axis AC fell to B-17s then to any fighter???Can that be true????
A lot were probably claimed by B-17 crews in the heat of battle but accidental overclaiming happened a lot there. I remember reading somewhere that the P-47 shot down the most axis aircraft (when it comes to 8th AF)

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P-47 is a hot candidate for USAAF,
Hurricane/ Spitfire for RAF
and Yak/La for VVS

Most german losses occured on the eastern front except for 1940 where they occured in the west and 1944 where they occured in the home defense.
The B-17 surely have most claims but nor most kills. And who cares about claims?
Well I have this info here for you but it does not include Bomber kills.

None of this confirmed by myself.

P-51 Mustang: 4,950 air kills, 4,131 ground kills and 230 V-1 kills.

P-47 Thunderbolt: 3,752 European air kills with an additional 3,315 on the ground.

P-38 Lightning: 2,050, of which 738 were claimed in the MTO.

P-40 Warhawk: 149 claims in the MTO.

Note for British Aircraft only air kills are shown, not ground kills.

Spitfire: 2,470

Hurricane: 1,120

Typhoon: 790

Tempest: 980

Whirlwind: 275
That can't be right, i thought the Hurricane shot down more planes than any other allied plane! :confused: :?: :?: :!:
I know it doesn't seem right, but i think it is in fact true. Thin of the numbers of jerrries in the air in 1939-1940. Still , i can't confirm this at the moment. :confused:
Chocks away! said:
I know it doesn't seem right, but i think it is in fact true. Thin of the numbers of jerrries in the air in 1939-1940. Still , i can't confirm this at the moment. :confused:

Nope sorry but this is just not true.

During the 1940 to 1941 in 479 Days of engagment the Hurricane shot down 222 Bf-109E's, 128 Bf-110, and 306 bombers for a total of 655 kills to a loss of 497 Hurricanes. You have to remember that the Hurricanes were not going over to Germany and attacking German planes there they were shooting at German Bombers over London.
I admit I have some doubts in my mind. Only around 110 Whirlwinds were built. To get 275 kills would be an unbelievable performance. It was a good plane but that good?
In addition the Spitfire total seems low compared to the Hurricane. In service all over the world from the first to last day of the war and to only claim just over twice the kills.
The USA claims also seem high in comparison to the Spitfire. These were good planes certainly, but the P51 and P47 didn't join combat in any numbers until mid 1943 giving them 2 years in combat compared to the 6 years frontline service of the Spitfire.
Something doesn't quite gell here
Remember that once the longer ranged P47's and P38's began chasing the Luftwaffe into Germany, the numbers of Spitfire combats declined drastically.

In the Pacific, the Spitfire was not a factor at all. Its short range made it useless.
And Glider remember that no where does it say Luftwaffe aircraft killed. It says Axis aircraft killed.

The Axis consisted of numerous countries indluding Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Who did most of the arial fighting in the Pacific? The US. (Yes the British did there fair share in the Pacific too but the US fought the most there) So the US kills account for avast amount of the Pacific theater.

Now again I never said these were confirmed but I dont think they are that far off.
I know what you said and of course the Pacific, but that I would have expected to be traded against the extra 4 years fighting that was done before hand.
That said if 110 Whirlwinds shot down 275 Germans, they must have been relieved that we didn't build a couple of thousand. Wouldn't have needed the Americans!!
I had some thoughts about that Whirlwind figure too. If it was really that good, why didnt they stick some Merlins on it quicker than they did?!

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