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    Sgt.Pilot Brian S. Walley was part of the crew of an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber from 51 Squadron that was forced to ditch in the North Sea in November 1941 after a mission. All five crew escaped into the dinghy but two days and nights in winter took its toll and only one survived. Brian was rescued by a German seaplane and at age 19 became a POW.
    Now a sprightly 94 he has published his autobiography 'Sole Survivor' that includes his WW2 years. It is the story of a young boy who fulfilled his dream to became a pilot followed by the not so pleasant experience of being a prisoner of war. After the war years he became a farmer first in Wales and later in Australia. From here he branched out into prospecting and mining in Western Australia. Brian is probably one of the last, if not the last, Whitley bomber pilots still alive today. His life story is a fascinating read and the book has been well received by all but none more so than me. He is my Dad.
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