Why are the serial fokker DVII MAG engine cowling and radiator so different from the V22?

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aurelien wolff

Airman 1st Class
Sep 20, 2018
Hello, I got the eduard 1/48 scale combo and I wonder why the serial is so different from the prototype and how close the eduard kit is to how it was suppose to be as an austrian plane.


Source is this build: Fokker V 22
Thanks for your answers!
The V22 was a prototype built for the Austria-Hungary AF only and wasn't the prototype for the standard D.VII It was going to be the development. of the D.VII. She was fitted with the Mercedes D.III engine and the four-blade prop. However the Austrians decided to use the Austro-Daimler engine of 200/210 hp power. Therefore the different radiator for the cooling system. Also, she was armed with the Schwarzlose M.16 MGs contrary to the standard armed D.VII ( 7,92 mm Spandau 08/15 or Schwarzkopf 08/15) . Because the Austria-Hungary bought the licence for the D.VII and started the assembling at the MAG factory the V22 reminded the prototype only.

The V22 prototype powered by the Mercedes engine

the Austrian Fokker D VII (MAG) powered by the Austro-Daimler engine

the pic source: the net.
Thanks! For this one, the what if idea I had is to make a czech and romanian plane in serial production configuration, both with the schwarzlose and engine cowling/exhaust. .

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