Wings Airpower Magazine trading?

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Yeah great link Wayne! Nothing like the feel of paper, but this would be useful for some of those foreign language mags that I just can't justify spending money on. Thanks!
Hello chaps,
A post here from a guy now in Chicago but actually living in India. I am a collector of books and magazines and have a decent collection of airplane magazines and aircplane books and also lot of Aircraft Profiles (from the UK publisher Profile Publications now defunct I guess). If there is anyone of you wanting to dump your magazines or books just mail me at [email protected] and I can get in touch with you on how to get the books or mags across. I can pay for the postage if it is not much. I will be in Chicago till May first week and then back home. I am mainly interested in WW1 and WW2 period and not the modern jet age period. I know this is a long shot but no harm in asking.
I just gave my collection to a friend of my daughters two years ago an aspiring plane nut, I've been storing them for years, I had complete collection from 74. I almost wish i had sliced the magazines in down the fold and thrown them on the high speed scanner to pdf them.
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