WNr and camouflage help for my next model- Bf109K-4, VN+GV at Rechlin

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Jun 19, 2015
South-East UK
Hi all,
while continuing my builds of aircraft flown by (or potentially flown by) Hans-Werner Lerche, I found that I had a Bf109K-4 in my stash. As Lerche hardly ever specifies his Bf109s, I thought I'd have a go at this sub-type.
I managed to track down that Bf109K-4, VN+GV was stationed at Rechlin, but can't find a WNr so that I can establish the correct colour-scheme. The info about the Stkz is from the list that's provided here by Peter, confirmed by the book "German Flight Test Centres to 1945" by Beauvais et al.
So- what would anyone's guess be as to the WNr or specific manufacturer?

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