Woooooo. The BoB Flight Lancaster has just flew over:)

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damn you HS!! i've never seen the BBMF lanc :cry: i've been to two airshows where she was supposed to be putting in an appearance, both times the weather prevented her showing..........
Good links fellas. Lanc I've seen that fly-past one before, and it's a decent one. :cool:
Nothing would beat seeing the old girl in person though.
Nonskimmer said:
I never, ever thought I'd admit this to myself, but sometimes I wish I lived in Ontario. :rolleyes:
Scroll about halfway down the page to see a small video of the Canadian Lanc doing a fly-past with Ed Russell's privately owned Spit Mk. IX. The video ain't the best quality, but it's enough to make me wanna cry.

God, I wanna see that big bird in the air! :confused:


Niceeeeeeeeee 8)

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