WW2 games - Call of Duty - United Offensive

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Apr 6, 2005
As I said elsewhere on ths site one of the reasons why I was not posting so often was a distraction playing PC games.

One in particular I should draw attention to for this audience.

Call of Duty - United Offensive.

Most of the MoH games have planes flying around but in this one you get to be a gunner in a B17! Yes really!

I have tried some WW2 flight sims and can't master them so I give up. I waste enough time in front of this box as it is.

But this one lets you run up and down shooting at the Jerry fighters - 109s mostly. You get to be mid-upper, waist and rear gunner by turns.

Later you get to operate a flak gun. You have to shoot down Heinkels over Kharkov.

Ground warfare is fun too, blowing up tanks, sniping etc.
I haven't got United Offensive but I do have the original Call of Duty. I don't play the single player anymore, I play online. It's much more fun.
Okay, if you're looking for a good server online, I have just the one, Gamers Xtreme Arena2, or something to that affect. Also, I would suggest getting Yahoo's "All Seeing Eye" game browser, because it makes searching for a game much easier than the in game menu. Also, I am on COD: UO on the Gamers Arena are most of the time as [TYA] RX78-2, but yeah, I'll agree with all of you in that it is a great series of games. Too bad COD3 is going to be console based, and we'll have to wait for COD4 for the return to the CPU.

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