Yak-9 vs P-51

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19-OCT-1950North American F-51D Mustang44-73280United States Air Force (USAF)8 Mi NW K-13 Suwon ABView attachment 721304w/oNarrative:
Belly landing.
Gear-up landing Incident North American F-51D Mustang 44-73280, 19 Oct 1950

Doesn't seem combat-related, only 8 nautical miles from base (unless it was damaged and trying to make it back and couldn't).

Suwon is 122 nautical miles from Pyongyang - which is where the front line was at the time of the above listed event.
any details about ht shootdown of Hermann Stahl
that guy flew a TA-152H but was shot down by an yak-9

very hard wich yak-9 variant shot the ta152 down
possibly yak-9U or just an yak-9M or D

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